6 febbraio 2015

DIY * Natural Deodorant

Today I share with you a quick and cheap recipe to create a 100% natural deodorant. You need two essential ingredients: water and baking soda ... but with a third and last ingredient your deodorant will be perfect!

As we mentioned in this article, it is fundamental that you make sure that your deodorant is not harmful to your health and does not contain toxic elements. It is not always easy to understand the list of ingredients written on the products we buy ... The best way is to create your own 100% natural, cruelty free and EcoBio products.

Here's how to create your own natural deodorant.

Ingredients and procedure
1 Spray container
90 ml Water
9 gr Baking soda (about 2 teaspoons)
15-20 Drops of essential oil of your choice (optional)

  • Pour the water into a glass.
  • Add baking soda and mix well. Let it sit for at least half an hour. You will see that a part of the baking soda will stay on the bottom of the glass.
  • Pour water in the spray container; be careful not to make baking soda residue go into the spray container (otherwise it will clog the spray).
  • Pour in the same container also about 15-20 drops of essential oil of your choice. I chose the organic lemon essential oil because it is a perfect match to my scented water. But you can also choose a mixed composition, such as 10 drops of essential oil of mint + 2 of tea tree, or 10 drops of lavander + 5 drops of lemon... you can choose what you prefer.

How to use it
This deodorant does not need preservatives.
Shake well before use.
The spray bottles are easily found for sale online or in stores ... I preferred to reuse an old bottle of deodorant.
Some people say they do not use it on the skin immediately after shaving because it tends to burn as deodorants with alcohol; honestly I never tried because after shaving I prefer to use two drops of Shea oil for its soothing properties.

If you try this recipe, let me know how you found it!

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