26 febbraio 2015

DIY * Customized Body Oil

Customizing your own body oil gives you so much satisfaction - it's easy, fast and you can create the perfect fragrance for your skin! Today's recipe is perfect for beginners with the DIY beauty recipes.
The ingredients required are essentially two: a vegetable oil and a few drops of an essential oil of your choice. The more adventurous girls can customize this oil using more than one type of vegetable oil and essential oils.

Below you find ingredients, substitutions, recommendations and benefits.
If you try this recipe, let me know!

Recipe and procedure
1 container (100 ml)
50 ml of shea oil (or other vegetable oil)
50 ml of olive oil (or other vegetable oil)
25 drops of essential oil

  • In a container pour vegetable oil and mix well;
  • Add a few drops of essential oil of your choice (lemon, mint, lavender, rose, coconut, sandalwood ... whatever you prefer); I've chosen two different essential oils;
  • Mix well and pour into the container (preferably made of dark glass).

I recycled a container of shea oil which was half finished - I added extra virgin olive oil (directly from the kitchen pantry), 3 drops of peppermint oil and 22 drops of lemon essential oil.

It's possible to replace the two vegetable oils with a single vegetable oil. Some ideas: olive oil, rice oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, argan oil ...
The essential oils are good allies of our health and beauty. You can choose one or two and mix them together, as I did.


It's better to massage your oil on damp skin, just after the shower: the oil will "seal" water onto your skin which help to absorb it better.

Vegetable oils
Oil Shea: elasticity, emollient, soothing
Olive oil: emollient, elasticity
rice oil: elasticity, antioxidant
Almond oil: emollient, protective
Castor oil: softening, anti-inflammatory
Jojoba oil: softening, nourishing
linseed oil: emollient, antioxidant
Avocado oil: nourishing, protective
Argan oil: antioxidant, protective skin
Coconut oil: emollient, soothing
Sesame oil: nourishing, emollient
Rose Hip Oil: amolliente, anti-inflammatory
oleolito hypericum: anti-inflammatory, healing

Essential oils

Lavender: soothing
Sandalwood: aphrodisiac
Rosemary: balsamic suitable for skin and greasy hair
Eucalyptus: Balsamic
Peppermint: balsamic, reactivates circulation
tea tree: disinfectant
Lemon: lightening but photosensitizer
Grapefruit: anticellulite

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