27 gennaio 2015

Review * Scented Water by I Provenzali

Today I would like to share a review of a scented water I use every day as a parfum: the Green Tea scented water by I Provenzali. I was looking for cheap and natural scented water when I came across this one ... and I suddenly fell in love with it. 

This fragrance reminds me of citrus fruits... like oranges, cedar, limon on a sunny day ... and it has something masculine in it. If you love sugary and floral scents, I suggest you to choose one of the other options: Magnolia, White Musk and Violet.

I love to spray it on my body and hair after a shower ... What a pleasant feeling!

This scented water is great for those who do not like to spray alcohol, preservatives and other nasty ingredients on their own skin - please, keep in mind that those horrible ingredients also present in the majority of the most famous and expensive perfumes.

Product Features
Invigorating and refreshing
Emollient ingredients
100% natural
No alcohol
No chemicals
Not tested on animals
Tested for Nickel, Chromium and Cobalt.
Bottle: 125ml, 100% recyclable plastic
Price: around € 5.

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