4 marzo 2015

DIY * Disinfectant and Whitening Mouth Wash

Today I give you a recipe to make a mouthwash at home. This recipe of a DIY mouthwash is very simple: the ingredients are just two, cheap and the result is outstanding!

Why is it important to make the mouthwash at home? Clearly to avoid the bad ingredients contained in most commercially available mouthwashes. These include the fearsome triclosan (we have already talked about it here), parabens (which seem to affect our delicate endocrine system), sodium lauryl sulfate and dyes. The damage greatly outweigh the possible benefits.

The mouthwash is useful to complete the cleaning of your mouth, teeth and gums. My favorite one can be created with baking soda and essential oils.

Here you have recipe and preparation, use and benefits.

Recipe and preparation

1 bottle of water, recycled glass and plastic, 250 ml
1 teaspoon of baking soda
10 drops of essential oil (lemon, sage or mint)

Pour the water into the bottle, add baking soda and essential oil (I'm a fan of lemon essential oil as you know  :D). Mix well.


Shake the mouthwash well before every use; do rinses with it after flossing and brushing. It will laste for a week. It has a disinfecting effect and a slight whitening effect. Since the baking soda dissolves completely in water there is no danger of damaging the teeth.


Baking soda: disinfectant, bleaching

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